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>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)09:24  No.100014  OP  P1
For Halloween, knock up swfchan's most edited girl!

Also made a minor edit removing those white flashes in the climax scenes.
Sadly, was unable to fix the disappearing accessories bug for now.

NOT inspired by Ravenemore's goth Frankie Foster, though in hindsight I see the similarity.
Made in FFDec.

Might do some more classic /f/lash palette swaps at some point, lemme know if you have any ideas you want me to take a crack at.

Reiko 2 Halloween 2023 version.swf (1.93 MiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 1994 frames, 30 fps (01:06).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)09:56  No.100015  A  P2R1
Is it possible to rip runo model and port to the game with your current skill? 4419419

>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)10:07  No.100016  OP  P3R2
Probably not tbh. I'm still just cutting my teeth on all this flash hacking stuff.
>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)10:10  No.100017  A  P4R3
No problem, I will look forward to your other edits. And thank you for your contribution on flash.
>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)10:18  No.100018  OP  P5R4
Glad to know that I've made someone happy while standing on the shoulders of the giants that went before.

I don't know why the FTF editor cut out the fingering and titfuck scenes, I'd have to re-edit them from scratch. Pretty neat how they slipped in that other cumshot though.

>>Anonymous  26oct2023(th)10:28  No.100019  A  P6R5
Yeah FTF did for ever reason cut out those scenes, besides voices, it's make every editor had a hard time on edit it back into Reiko flash.
>>Anonymous  30oct2023(mo)02:35  No.100042  B  P7R6
can't remember what's different here but have a good job anyway just for the effort
>>Anonymous  30oct2023(mo)06:56  No.100051  C  P8R7
can you do a tutorial on how to work on these edits? would love to do edits for others
>>Anonymous  30oct2023(mo)21:07  No.100053  D  P9R8
would something like adding a fertilization window be possible for flashes?

So that way the girls do get knocked up

btw nice job here

>>Anonymous  30oct2023(mo)21:20  No.100054  OP  P10R9
I'm just opening them up in ffdec and changing the colors around and sometimes swapping some assets. Nothing that special.
>>Anonymous  30oct2023(mo)23:31  No.100057  C  P11R10
idk what that means or what you're even using mate
>>Anonymous  31oct2023(tu)00:06  No.100058  E  P12R11
how do you change the asset colours i can't figure that shit out?
>>Anonymous  4nov2023(sa)07:40  No.100087  F  P13R12
Exists a comment with tech jargon. You don't know what it means
Do you :

A. Copy/paste the word "FFDec" to google to get (JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. Works with Java on Windows, Linux and macOS. (the answer to your question)


B. Put in effort to reply that you don't know.

>>Anonymous  4nov2023(sa)22:58  No.100095  G  P14R13
That's where you're wrong, anon.
>>Anonymous  5nov2023(su)00:46  No.100096  H  P15R14
there is a tool called "photoshop"
>>Anonymous  5nov2023(su)18:06  No.100102  G  P16R15
Tell me more about this mystical "shop of photos".
>>Anonymous  5nov2023(su)22:15  No.100103  C  P17R16
i'm literally asking for a simple tutorial or hell just record yourself doing your edits so we can visually see what program you're loading so we all can help edit together. But naw man, be a douchebag it's cool.
>>Anonymous  5nov2023(su)23:19  No.100104  I  P18R17
I'm not op or anyone else in this thread, so what I'm about to post is just how I do it, not neccessarily how op did it.

JPEXs lets you adjust the asset colours without extracting, and for smaller edits that should be how you do it because there's always a risk of the asset getting fucked up when you extract, save and re-import it (different versions of flash accept different standards of svgs and whatever tool you're editing with probably won't know the exact standard you're targeting). if you DO extract make sure it's as svg because png assets will have aliasing and stretch/shrink poorly the moment you change the size of the flash player window. personally for editing svgs I just use and any of the online hex colour pickers.

open the flash in jpexs. on the left panel go to shapes. find the shape you want to recolour. on the right panel, shapes -> fillstyle -> fillstyles -> find the exact fill that has the colour(s) you want to adjust, adjust as required. make sure to click save at the bottom of the window when you're done.
this can be pretty tedious, especially if there's a lot of colours to do that for. if you want to do it in another app, on the left panel, right click -> export selection. again, I am BEGGING you to export as svg, flash renders them so much better than any other format of asset.

>>Anonymous  10nov2023(fr)02:52  No.100117  C  P19R18
@Anon 100104 Hey just wanna say thank for explaining JPEX a whole lot better than that asshole prior.
Anyways, i downloaded JPEX and was messing around with those Blossom and Buttercup SWF files for those PPPPu games.
I'm going to see if i can edit or repair those and get those to work. These seem alot simpler than editing Zone animations atm

I can view the sprites and animations and they are functional but have no idea where to restart repairing these from where they were left off.

ty again anon

>>Anonymous  11nov2023(sa)17:54  No.100124  OP  P20R19
Yeah Zone's stuff is pretty complex. Their flashes have a lot of moving parts that aren't contained neatly in objects. You really get a feel for an artist's style and what kind of animator they are by pulling apart their flashes.
Even I couldn't fix the "disappearing clothes bug" in this one. Maybe that's for another time.
>>Anonymous  12nov2023(su)16:53  No.100150  I  P21R20
>Even I couldn't fix the "disappearing clothes bug" in this one. Maybe that's for another time

eh, it's not that hard, just fiddly. here dunno if you want to put this in the archive too? not sure how I'd feel about uploading the 3rd version of this flash after I've made the smallest edit to it compared to your work, so your call.

if you care, here's a little bit about how I did it (if this helps even one person make edits I'm happy)
firstly, you're gonna want to set the view (the rightmost option on the top ribbon under "file") to the tag list, not resources. tag list shows us the items in the flash (shapes, buttons scripts) like they are actually laid out in the flash, that is to say, sequentially and first appearing only on the first frame they're needed. this will be very helpful shortly

now, we search the actionscript (tools -> text search) for either of the clothes toggles. luckily, in this flash they're named "jacket" and "leg", so they're easy to find. it would be a little trickier (or rather, tedious and time consuming) to find them otherwise.

this is where the tag list is helpful. when we find the jacket's definesprite tag with the script (511), you'll notice that there are two buttons right above it in the same frame (509 and 510). these are the buttons for toggling the on and off state. if we were in the resources view it would be much harder to identify which button controlled this, but since they're right next to eachother here we know it's them.

actionscript2 is basically a dynamic language, like javascript or python if you have any experience. so we can just tell it that the _root object (the central object of the flash that every script must have access to) has a boolean flag for the clothes being off or on, and actionscript will just accept this. so we can just set the jacket button to set "_root.showJacket = true;" and it'll do that. then we just have the sprite set the jacket on or off depending on that field, in each of the DoAction tags in the sprite's frames.
then, I also set up a little "firstRun" flag in one of the DoAction tags in the same frame (frame 317, I mean). if the flag isn't set, we set the clothing to be hidden (as default) and then set the flag. this means the clothing will remember the toggle setting when you press "do it again".

i hope this made sense. i program a lot so most of this feels natural to me, if you feel I missed something let me know. I understand this type of stuff looks intimidating but really it's mostly just knowing where to look (or getting good at guessing).

personally, I wish I was better at art. the main edit I've always wanted for this flash was making it so she wasn't getting fucked by such a fat piece of shit. oh well

>>Anonymous  12nov2023(su)18:30  No.100153  J  P22R21

Niiice. Could you tell us something about actionscript3, so I knew something in case if I'll decide to develop a flash game/animation?

>>Anonymous  12nov2023(su)19:42  No.100154  I  P23R22
uh, if you're going to make something from scratch you'll probably want a more comprehensive tutorial than I can provide. I've only ever edited, not used flash/animate directly.

atleast from the editing side though, as3 has mostly identical syntax, the scripts are just in different places. they're in their own section, rather than frame specific stuff. for instance, in most of zones later stuff almost all of the logic is in the "MainTimeline" script (I would use the Resources view for AS3 scripts mainly, since it's all consolidated already so you don't have to find stuff). Note that I said "almost all", there will be a bunch of other smaller script files but generally they won't have anything of interest in them. sometimes they will, but rarely. now, I don't know if this is how the scripts are actually displayed when you're making the flash, or if it's just a quirck of how jpexs decompiles as3.

anyway, the main differences to what I said in the previous message would be that you would have to directly define the boolean flags in the maintimeline class, instead of just saying that _root has them and flash going along with it. that's easy, in any as3 flash with any logic at all you'll see a bunch of these definitions at the start of the maintimeline script, you can just copy how they do it.
also in as3 you can directly access the sprites and their state in the other scripts by naming the sprite (when the sprite is added to the frame), and having a variable with the same name and type declared. then you just access it like you would any other. so for the jacket (if this flash was as3 instead of as2) I would declare "public var arm2a:MovieClip;" ("arm2a" being the name of the arm sprite which the jacket is attached to, MovieClip being the type of the sprite) and then to toggle the jacket to show on the arm, "arm2a.jacket2a._visible = true;" (jacket2a being a named child of the arm2a sprite). if you've done any programming this should be fairly familar to you.

>>Anonymous  12nov2023(su)22:40  No.100163  OP  P24R23
This is awesome, thanks! The boolean method works much better IMO. Not that I blame ol' Zone, they're an artist first and foremost rather than a coder and they rushed these flashes out the door while presumably working on other not-lewd stuff back in 2007. I'm gonna see if I can put this fix back into the original Reiko 2 flash.

Don't worry too much about spamming up swfchan with other versions, the poster who made all those Umeko polishing edits put a lot of them here too. As well as that anonymous, mysterious person with all those HKG edits.

As for the fat ugly bastard, maybe another partner could be spliced in from one of the many other FTF edits of this piece. Reiko is swfchan's most prolific cosplayer, after all.

>>Anonymous  13nov2023(mo)09:06  No.100170  C  P25R24
@No.100154 Honestly if we all get a tutorial we can make so much weird shit lmao
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